The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating
the needs of his guests.

Real Estate Development

Many of the investors who deem to enter the Turkish real estate marketplace are uncertain how to proceed in it. Some of them prefer to manage their investments individually, on the other hand, many of them prefer to search for a specialized organization for property management to manage their investments, minimize the risks and benefits from the experts in the field.

The real estate property management department can provide access for the investors to the market they have difficulties to find or enter in, provide high-quality management services and sincere advice when they needed, also, to provide combined investment options to support new investors through our long experience obtaining the best opportunities, and guidance whether it is a property for investment or residential.

At Feras Home Group we assist our clients with many choices, one of them is the hotel apartments concept which is now widely expanded in the recent emerging projects, especially in Istanbul, Turkey

Offering the best and most suitable opportunities to meet your budget and bring you the best annual revenue. Our special packages include providing services to our clients who have bought a property through our company in different areas of Turkey and include the following features:

Post Selling Packages
Feras Home Services Package
-Possibility of designing and choosing home decorations and furnishing by our specialized designers.
-Ensuring and following up that the property is rented by documented contract over the year whether the property is a touristic hotel, or residential.
-Managing all the related issues on your behalf, with keeping you fully informed of every detail via a monthly report.
-Managing the client’s portfolio through a prior study and an agreed schedule with the client.

Maintenance and operation management package by annual contracts
-Manage all the financial matters and bills related to water, gas, and electricity during your stay inside and outside Turkey.
-Supervising the process of paying the monthly returns and taxes of the property.
-Property insurance (Earthquakes, Fires, Thefts)
-Home Maintenance (Plumping, Electricity, Furniture)
-Home Cleaning services upon the client’s request.

“Don’t hesitate to know more about the advantages of property management service in Turkey, by contacting our customer care department.”

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